Sanity In Stilettos

The Balancing Act Between Life and Self

The Art of Friendship – Part I

I had plans on writing this blog with all types of eloquent quotes and thought-provoking phrases. But to be honest, I’m slightly broken and a little vulnerable and it’s the perfect time to write from the heart, and for myself. It is more therapeutic than a million counseling sessions I have learned in recent years that the people you grow up with are not always the people you grow old with. No matter.. Read More

Finding Optimism

Life certainly has a way of putting us in a negative headspace from time to time. Issues at work, relationships, family, illness, and other perils can leave us going through highs and lows that will surely leave us in a state of depression. Some times we can bounce back – but when “life happens” back-to-back without time to recover, it can lead to depression, anxiety and an overall feeling of hopelessness. The Serenity Prayer mentions giving us.. Read More

I’m F.I.N.E

Hey y’all! It’s been a few months since I’ve been able to check in with you guys and I appreciate those of you who’ve been checking back here religiously looking for new content. THANK YOU! I’ve been doing a little “Goal-Digging” during my hiatus but I haven’t forgotten about my superwomen who need a good read every once in a while. I’ve missed you guys! Soooo let’s get to it:  The cover picture.. Read More

8 Truths About Marriage

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in taking chances for the sake of love, and I believe that love comes to us in chances as well. I love hopping on to social media and smiling at all the “usies”, quotes and tags from one spouse to another. From behind our devices, I would say that everyone has the perfect marriage. Social media would certainly make one.. Read More

The Waiting Game

Being a single woman is one of the most rewarding and educational experiences we can have. It can also be quite a lonely experience when we feel as though we need more. There comes a point in a woman’s life where the love of spontaneity turns into a yearning for stability. Where late nights filled with “come see me” texts turn into “can you pick up some bread?” texts. Where clubbing, cocktails, and.. Read More

Stop Swerving

Have you ever had a million things going on and wonder when your “break” or your blessing is going to come?  Do you see your friends getting new possessions, getting married, having children, etc. and wonder why God hasn’t given you that happiness yet? DON’T!!!!!  Besides the traditional “be thankful for what you have” and “other people have it worse off than you”, there are other reasons that you should take the focus.. Read More

All The Single Ladies

So… you’re watching your friends, family members, and co-workers doing “big thangs” in their personal lives. They’re  getting married, engaged, starting families, and buying homes. And then there’s you. Everyone keeps asking why you’re still single, and you awkwardly make up a list of excuses. You’re too busy, your standards are too high, All the good men are gay or married….and blah blah blah blah. When your head hits the pillow at night.. Read More


Don’t be afraid of the monsters in your closet; they do no harm while in hiding.

Be afraid of the monsters who call you “brother”, “sister”, “family”, and “friend”. They have the ability to “love” you with their words, but betray you with their actions.  ~

Appreciation In The Midst of Anticipation

This year has been  full of ups and downs, but so far I would say that it has certainly been better than the year prior. In retrospect, both years were actually pretty doggone good. My perception was so clouded by the few negatives, that I had minimized all the positives! As I journey through womanhood, I am learning so many things – dealing with issues I never thought  I’d have  to  face, and.. Read More

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